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Abstracts contain an abbreviation of all pertinent parts of recorded deeds, mortgages, leases and other instruments affecting title to a particular piece of land. As such abstracts are not a guarantee of good title but may be used as a basis for a title insurance search.

Title Insurance
Protection against costly or troublesome title problems begins with an Owners and/or Lenders Policy of Title Insurance.  Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work with you to determine what will best meet your needs in this fast-paced industry.  As an agent for First American Title Insurance Company and Stewart Title Guaranty Company, we will issue a title insurance policy that provides you with the best coverage.

Property Reports 
A Property Report is a search of a property from the last deed of record forward.  It shows any mortgages and liens filed against the property within the search period, as well as any judgments, tax liens, and child support liens against the current owner.  Often this product is sufficient for a Home Equity Loan or 2nd mortgage request.  This report is substantially less expensive but is not “insurance,” and, therefore, does not have the level of protection.

Search Packages
Often our friends at competing title companies need assistance with research in the counties we cover. We, too, sometimes have this need.  By ordering a search package through us, you would receive all the research and necessary recorded documentation on your property so that you can write title insurance. This allows companies to obtain their research more efficiently and provide the best possible turn around time for their customers.   This product can be requested by clicking on the “Order” tab.

Our Services

Closing Services
We are a full-service title company.  We have three locations staffed with top-notch staff including several experienced closers.  We will travel to you!  We strive to meet every customers’ need including being flexible with our closing schedules and traveling to meet customers.  Contact us:

Foreclosure Bidding
Need someone to attend a Sheriff’s sale on you or your client’s behalf?  We can do that.  We assign a staff member to attend the Sheriff sale.  We take this responsibility very seriously.  This service has been used repeatedly by our customers in the Milwaukee, Madison area who are unable to attend such sales.  Go to the “Order” tab to submit your request for this service.